Know How to open a Company in Qatar

How to Start a Business in Qatar? Want to Register a Company In Qatar ?

Qatar is one of the leading economic countries within the world. it's the very best GDP per capita. the company rate of Qatar is relatively less than other countries i.e. 10 %. Even in some specific areas of business, the tax is free. These are a numbers of the most reason why most of the foreign investors want to line up business within the country.

People think business registration in Qatar is tough, but actually, it’s not. The acceptable guideline of AAIQA Group company will ease the method of how to start a company in Qatar with the required steps / process as described below.

Company Name Search in Qatar

The first steps of building a corporation require a brand name search. Choosing the singular name of your company or business is important. it's necessary to conduct research and plan well before selecting the name. However, the supply and booking of a trading name are often done through the Qatar government website-

However, the name also can be book through the ministry’s application (moic_qatar) or by visiting the ministry’s main building or its branch office. Remember, the name should be unique, and it shouldn't be misleading or within the violation of public ethics. The booking of the brand name for 3 days is free but requires QAR 1000 if you book it for 6 months.

How to Open a checking account in Qatar?

The second step of building a corporation in Qatar is to open a checking account . to line up a foreign-owned business, you want to obtain a letter from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The letter is going to be addressing the permission of opening a checking account in Qatar. The account is going to be activated as soon because the amount like the capital of the corporate is deposited. It takes around 1 to 2 business class days to activate your checking account.

Articles of Association

Once the checking account is opened, the foreign owned-company has got to get an approval on the Articles of Association. This approval is often received from the Ministry of Business and trade. It takes only one day to finish the method. However, you would like to gather the appliance sort of Article of Association from the Ministry of Business and Trade office.

It is necessary to refill the shape of AoA with required information’s –­­

  • Include the name of the company
  • Include the address of the company’s headquarters.
  • Include the terms and purpose of the corporate.
  • Share capital and outline of actions in a similar way.
  • Restrictions on the transfer of shares (only for companies).
  • Names, nationalities and place of residence of shareholders (only for companies).
  • Methods of distribution of losses and profits between the partners.
  • The names of the people that run the business.

Submitting Additional Documents

Depending on the sort of business you'll need some additional documents to include a business legally. during this situation, the corporate will need to provide provisional documents. this is often largely within the case of economic activities during which the corporate may have to get a selected business license for a given business. for instance, if foreign investment is formed within the industrial sector, a license is required for the economic project. However, the required licenses are often requested by the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

How to Register a Company with the “Qatar Chamber of Commerce”?

Though most of the people skip this process of registration because it's not mandatory. But registering with Qatar “Chamber of Commerce” is often beneficial for your business. To register your company with Qatar chamber of commerce, you would like to file an application. the overall manager of the corporate must sign the appliance and it should include —

  • FORM of commercial registration.
  • ID card copies of the corporate owner, shareholders or partners.
  • General manager ID card copy.
  • Certificate of economic registration.
  • Authentic Certificate of Incorporation of foreign companies.
  • Company Seal/Stamp

How to form a corporation seal/stamp in Qatar?

It is another vital part of registering a corporation in Qatar is to ensure that the foreign entity has its organization stamp arranged. the govt authority won't provide the seal; private companies got to manufacture their seal. The MBT will check if the offshore company has its company stamp prepared or not. It doesn’t cost quite 100 QR to form a corporation seal/stamp.

How to Get a Trade License in Qatar?

You need to urge a trade license once you get CR. A trade license is important to possess office space and business activities. The Ministry of Economy and Trade approves the trade license. Obtaining this license is one of the foremost challenging parts of corporate registration. to get this license, you would like to refill and submit the requisite application that's available within the MEC website. Call us on +974 77666765 to seek out more details about trade license registration requirements.

Depending on the sort of business, the method of registration may vary. The steps above discussed are the overall process of company registration (not applied to all or any company).

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: What are the principles and condition of selecting a trading name?

  • The brand name should be unique that's it shouldn't match with any existing company. Moreover, the name can't be misleading and it shouldn't violate any public ethics.

  • Q: what's the procedure for booking a trading name?

  • The brand name often books through the ministry’s application (moci_qatar)

  • Q: what proportion it cost to book a trading name?

  • Cost may vary from category to category to book a trading name for six months.

  • Q: what proportion time it took to register a trade license?

  • It just takes at some point to get a trade license (if all the document are submitted incorrect manner).

  • Q: what proportion fees it requires for establishing a corporation with foreign capital?

  • For fees details call us on +974 77666765
  • For more queries on how to open a company in Qatar, contact us now!

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