Ins and Outs of Opening a Company in Qatar

Ins and Outs of Opening a Company in Qatar

When it is about starting a company in Qatar, a virtual office is one thing that you may always think about because it is easy and cost-effective. However, an actual physical business address, local mobile or phone number, the presence of a receptionist will help your business create an impactful local company. Moreover, it would add value to your business. Plus, the process is even more cost-effective.

Around the world, especially in Europe and the USA, virtual offices are trendy among businesses, especially those who want to set up shop in the country. But that is not the case in Qatar. In Qatar, a virtual office by a foreign business is not allowed. As foreign investors who want to set up a company in Qatar, it is essential to have a local presence in the form of a physical office and local staff.

Qatar has strict rules on setting up a business, and mere virtual presence is not enough. The main requirement of the Qatar government is that the business owner should possess a minimum of 12 months of the agreement for a physical office within Qatar. But indeed, there are various ways you can run your business in Qatar. Multiple companies can help you gain access to the business market in Qatar and create a conducive environment for new companies and startups to open and operate their business with ease in Qatar.

Therefore, to set up a company in Qatar, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned by the Qatari government and procure the necessary legal and government paperwork and documentation that ensure the smooth functioning of the business in Qatar.


To begin with, let us check out the ins and outs of company formation in Qatar:

  • The first step in the company formation process is to register the name of the company and outline the business activities that your company would undertake in Qatar.
  • You need to submit the AOA or Articles of Association of your business and get the Commercial Registration. You have to then deposit the Share Capital into the corporate bank account, which is the same account as entitled in the AOA.
  • After you achieve the commercial registration, you are required to find an allocation of your company and attain the 12-month lease agreement for the office space. This will be your physical office address for the next 12 months.
  • You need to obtain the Trade Licence of the company, which is provided only when you show proof of physical office address for company formation in Qatar.
  • After you achieve the Trade Licence, you have to procure the Computer Card, which is also called the Immigration card. This card will allow the business to hire and bring foreign employees into the country.
  • Next, the business has to apply for the Labour Quota. This will provide details of the potential individuals that the companies intended to hire. The information includes the nationalities of the individuals, their job position, and gender. Once the Labour Quota is approved, the business can then begin the process of providing residence permits for their employees.


Apart from these main requirements, there are also certain specific requirements that the business needs to follow for setting up a company in Qatar. These include obtaining the necessary Civil Defence Approval or the Fire Safety Approval from the Qatari Authority. In addition, the business has to submit the required documents and the paperwork to ensure they are fire safety compliant and follow the rules for doing business in Qatar.

Moreover, businesses need to focus on obtaining and submitting the correct documentation to achieve their Trade Licence, which is a crucial document for companies that want to start a business in Qatar.

The best part about starting a company in Qatar or selecting an office space for your physical office is that Qatar has numerous options for fully serviced offices. These offices are fully furnished and have all the necessary amenities to run the business efficiently. You just need to book the space and enter into 12 months of agreement minimum to run a business in Qatar.

Serviced offices are a ready-to-start option, wherein you just need to enter the space and start your work. You do not need to worry about procuring the necessary hardware and software. Everything will be available to you, ready at hand. This saves your precious time and also allows you to make more efficient use of your resources. The best part about fully serviced offices are that it dramatically limits or eliminates any kind of extra expenses that may get incurred due to delays in setting up an entire office in Qatar.

Knowing the details of setting up a company in Qatar will help you plan your business step up efficiently and protect you from incurring losses or extra expenses while setting up the business. If you want to know more about starting a company in Qatar, you must contact AAIQA today.

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