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Key Tips for Working Under Spouse Visa In Qatar

Under the Family Sponsorship Programme, the spouse of a working professional in Qatar is eligible for employment. For immigration services in Qatar, certain legal conditions must be met before the employer extends their sponsorship. After demonstrating their suitability, the spouse can acquire a long-term residence permit to reside in Qatar. Before they can be employed, they must produce a labour card/work permit issued by the Qatar government. Spouses can even come across job opportunities that would automatically sponsor their stay in Qatar.

Now, even though the spouse will not receive the legal benefits, allowances and status as the sponsored spouse, they can move around and out of the country as they desire.

What is Family Residence in Qatar?

A Family Residence enables a foreign worker to bring their spouse and children for long-term residence in Qatar. Every family member must have a Resident Visa, and the sponsor must meet eligibility conditions such as housing, salary and profession.

How can spouses apply for a work visa in Qatar?

First-time women applicants can apply for a work visa/labour card/work permit, with a husband as her sponsor, must apply with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of sponsor’s ID
  • Photocopy of company/establishment card
  • Photocopy of Qatar ID and passport
  • Photocopy of academic qualifications and certificates
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the spouse
  • Work contract x 3
  • Police clearance from home country
  • Two photographs with a blue background
  • Employment visa
  • Biometrics

For previously employed applicants, they must submit additional documents as per the industry requirements:

  • Resignation letter
  • Approval letter from The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (kindergarten, private school and public school)
  • Approval letter from The Social Development Centre (salons)
  • Contracts x 3 + Original
  • Book from The Family Affairs Department – Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (for nurseries)

How to apply for a Labour Card?

Part One: Application

  • An application form and documents need to be submitted at The Ministry of Administration Development, Labour and Social Affairs
  • Apply to the local police for a Clearance Certificate by paying QAR 10 at the Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) or online at Metrash
  • After three to seven working days, you can collect the Police Clearance Certificate from the CEID.

Part Two: Final Submission

  • Submit documents, register your work agreement and pay the government fees
  • Collect your Labour Card, which will be valid for a year and must be annually renewed.
  • You can travel to Qatar after you receive a work visa, but the company must file an application or residence permit with The Ministry of Labour (within seven days)
  • The residence permit allows the employee to work at the sponsor company in Qatar.

As the spouse of a foreign worker in Qatar, what should you keep in mind?

  • Always carry your Qatar ID and relevant visas with you, as labour officials have the right to carry out inspections in businesses. In these cases, employees need to show their documents.
  • Employees will need an exit permit should they want to leave Qatar, which must be granted with the Ministry of Interior and approved by the employer.


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